KILL THE VULTURES. Live, 09/07/2013


Ciao a tutti,
Interrompiamo la pausa estiva per proporvi un act che abbiamo particolarmente a cuore.

(Crescent Moon & Anatomy)

Avant/Hip-Hop from U.S.A.

Di seguito una breve descrizione per dare un’idea a chi non li conosca di cosa facciano i nostri:

“Kill the Vultures have a nocturnal, urban sound, which is undeniably avant garde, yet rooted in the traditions of hip-hop. In addition to their American audience, vocalist Crescent Moon and producer Anatomy have cultivated a sizeable fan base in Europe, where they headlined four successful tours, garnered praise from Rolling Stone and had a “Hip-hop Album of the Year” cover story in respected Italian music magazine, Blow Up. Before KTV, Moon and Anatomy were part of hip-hop group Oddjobs, a member of the Third Earth crew along with Jean Grae, Mr. Len (Company Flow), and Juggaknotts. They have toured with rap acts De La Soul, Talib Kweli, DJ Shadow, Buck 65, Lyrics Born and more.  Kill the Vultures recently returned from tour with Atmosphere and are currently working on a new album.”

Che altro?
Ah sì, a condire il tutto ci saranno i fidati resident djs Spazz e Rinvio coadiuvati da Roscido Ambascia e dalla Plutonian Gang.

Ci si vede lì.