BALLISTER – 19/03/2015


Ciao a tutti,

Giovedì 19 Marzo

Ore 21:00

Cantina Cenci


Dave Rempis – sassofoni

Fred Lonberg-Holm – violoncello ed elettronica

Paal Nilssen-Love – batteria

L’energia di Rempis e Nilssen-Love e le invenzioni del violoncello elettrificato di Lonberg-Holm. Textures rumorose, ritmiche snodate, sporadici innesti melodici, una massa sonora sempre mutevole, come un tappeto che viene sfilato da sotto i piedi dell’ascoltatore, eppur non si cade. Gli ensemble di Julius Hemphill, i Prime Time di Ornette Coleman, le band elettriche di Miles Davis, come punti di riferimento. Tutto questo è Ballister.

“Ballister is named after a crossbow, and they put a premium on aggression. There’s a freshness and sense of discovery in their wide-ranging music. But there’s also a deep and hard-earned understanding between these players which enables them to build tension to the point of shattering, and then surf gracefully upon the shards.” (Downbeat)

Ingresso euro 8.

Ci vediamo lì.


Ciao a tutti,

Appuntamento infrasettimanale a Cantina Cenci mercoledì 7 Maggio.

Dalle ore 21:00 in poi suoneranno:


esoterismo elettronico


matematica krauta dalla francia


ghironde dallo spazio

Peace On Earth

Purity Of Essence

LuPi Ensemble. Live, 07/04/2013

Lupi definitivo jh

Musica Jazz, aleatoria, contemporanea ed elettronica si fondono, come se fosse un ensemble di musica classica elettroacustico. Tra una fuga ed una forma canzone LuPi Ensemble propone una musica attentissima al dettaglio timbrico, dove la scrittura delinea inesorabile il moto del quartetto concedendo però contemporaneamente libertà pericolosissime.

MADE TO BREAK. Live, 03/03/2013


Made To Break is improviser/composer Ken Vandermark’s newest ensemble and his most radical. Combining elements of his interest and experience with the music of Ethiopia and the Ex, alongside the New Music ideas of John Cage and Morton Feldman, then mixing these with his sense of Jazz and Improvised Music history; Ken has devised a compositional framework for the band that can be restructured for every performance and deals with melody, sound, and rhythm in a completely unique way. This creative system gives the music of MADE TO BREAK an almost unprecedented flexibility and immediacy. The instrumentation of the group (electric bass, drums, electronics, and reeds) has given Ken an amazing palette of sound to explore in each composition, but it is the individuals involved (with Tim Daisy, Devin Hoff, and Christof Kurzmann), and their diverse approaches to improvisation, that gives the ensemble such a dynamic and spontaneous energy.

Made To Break returns to Europe from February 28th until March 10th to play a series of featuring music from their upcoming albums, on lp (“Lacerba”) and cd (“Provoke”), which are being issued by Clean Feed to coincide with this tour.  In addition, the group (which features the crucially acclaimed musicians, Tim Daisy [drums], Devin Hoff [electric bass], Christof Kurzmann [electronics], performing the compositions of Ken Vandermark [reeds]) will be working on new concerts material during these shows, which they will then record in Vienna at the conclusion of their trip.

Links: (Voll-Damm Festival Internacional de Jazz de Barcelona, 2011)